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Why Choose Us?

I believe that our company promotes health, responsible raised cattle and provide the best mail ordered steaks. Respect for animals, the planet, the ecological system and preserving the planet for the future generations.

Grassfed Beef Defined

John H. Moody Farm (JHMF) defines grassfed cattle as those that have been finished on nothing but grass, free of antibiotics and growth hormones. To meet our customer demand, it may necessitate that we occasionally acquire livestock from other grassfed farmers.

Healthy, Delicious and Affordable Food

To raise high quality grassfed beef in a humanely and sustainable way is both time consuming and expensive. This is the reason why many of the current meat choices that come from industrialized processing plants are anything but transparent. JHMF believes in transparency. Our farm is easily accessible. We are located in Jones County Mississippi. Our farm is the only cattle farm for miles and is nestled in an expansive wooded area. Our land is lush and green, with a mixture of native grasses, along with Byhalia, Bermuda and Crabgrass. We plant GMO free Ryegrass in the fall and Millet in the spring. JHMF never uses pesticides or herbicides. JHMF is the ideal environment for our cattle to roam free of confinement, enabling them to live a humanely natural life.

A diet of grass makes our beef leaner and juicier thanks to the high moisture content. Our grassfed beef boasts higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamin B6 and beta-carotene. It is rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which helps to improve metabolism and boost your immunity. It is also rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds; all while delivering a delicious flavor that we are very proud of and excited to offer to you. JHMF is committed to selling our grassfed beef for a fair price affording you the ability to explore
different cuts and variety knowing that it will fit into your budget.

Realizations and Revelations

JHMF believes that a deeper knowledge of the source of your food is desired. No more mystery meat that is anonymous and mass produced! Our farm is generations old, however we offer you a modern marketplace that rivals any neighborhood butcher where you may purchase your quality meats and we will ship it straight to your door. Buying food is a personal choice and purchasing your meat from our farm is the most authentic, genuine and original concept for acquiring reliably healthy and flavorful grassfed beef.

At JHMF we are inspired by your own journey to eat healthier. We believe you have the right to transparency in your food and we work tirelessly to be good stewards of the earth and God’s creatures.

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