Two generations ago, our grandfather John H. Moody a Mississippi farmer, wanted to effectively provide for his family, so he created a farm that proved quite successful and still exists today.

A humble intelligent and industrious man, he raised many types of crops and products, but soon found that producing grassfed cattle was more reliable, affordable and delicious.

Today, grassfed beef is becoming more and more the choice for those who want an alternative to the current quality of meat choices available. To honor our heritage and our grandfather, we have continued this tradition of producing delicious and healthful grassfed beef. In today’s modern times, we make our beef more accessible via our crafted online marketplace. Here, you will find many choices of fresh, antibiotic and steroid free grassfed beef, aged for tenderness with added nutritional value such as Omega3’s. We believe it is important that people are aware exactly where their food comes from. This creates an intimate and trusting connection that is meaningful to the farmer and the customer.

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Our Mission.

John H. Moody Farm continues a family legacy of producing healthy and nutritious grassfed beef for those who share a passion for quality meat that is fresh, delicious, antibiotic and steroid free, which is produced naturally, ethically and humanely.

We serve health conscious individuals who are concerned with purchasing grassfed beef that is safe, healthy and nutritious. We offer value-based as well as high-end products that is available online as well as a variety of economical methods. We believe it is important to keep our consumers educated and informed on the importance of producing and consuming healthy grassfed beef.

We strongly believe in food transparency, consumer education and healthy meats that are delicious and nutritious.

Better Food, Better Health Simply...a Better Earth!



John H. Moody Farm provides grassfed beef for consumers who are looking for delicious, healthy beef that is produced humanely, naturally and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Our family legacy fosters a farm to table relationship with our consumers that are both inclusive and intimate. We offer our consumers the ultimate in customer service, which includes keeping our consumers educated with the latest information on the safe production of beef.

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