(2)    1" Ribeye Steaks  

(2)    1" T-Bone Steaks

(2)     2 ¼” Filet Mignon Steaks 

(2)     1 1/4 bone in Sirloin Steaks

(2)      Chuck Steaks

(2)      Cube Steaks

(2)     4lb packs of Omega 3 rich Ground Beef 


Premium Steak Bundle



    John H. Moody Farm provides grassfed beef for consumers who are looking for delicious, healthy beef that is produced humanely, naturally and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Our family legacy fosters a farm to table relationship with our consumers that are both inclusive and intimate. We offer our consumers the ultimate in customer service, which includes keeping our consumers educated with the latest information on the safe production of beef.

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