1. Meat Choices

Choose from our large selection of delicious and nutritious grassfed beef.

How It Works

2. Direct To Your Door Delivery

Receive all your meat in an insulated box, packaged carefully and delivered safely.

3. Enjoy Your Grassfed Beef!

Whatever method you choose to cook your beef, enjoy the delicious, cooked to perfection flavor.


For retail online, health conscious consumers who are concerned with the environment, transparency, and being educated on the practice and benefits of humanely raised grassfed beef; we are the traditional farming company who caters to our customers with a personal and intimate indirect marketing approach.


Your time is important. Get your grassfed beef delivered, right to your door. Your grassfed beef is carefully packaged and delivered in a safe and environmentally sound container.

John H. Moody Farm promises to offer the highest quality grassfed beef that is nutritious, healthy, delicious and humanely grown for the purpose of continuing our family legacy.

For consumers who desire a higher quality, more healthful beef with added nutritional values such as increased Omega 3’s, no antibiotics or steroids, and is safe; they will receive a product that is great tasting, aged for tenderness and simply more delicious.


John H. Moody Farm provides grassfed beef for consumers who are looking for delicious, healthy beef that is produced humanely, naturally and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Our family legacy fosters a farm to table relationship with our consumers that are both inclusive and intimate. We offer our consumers the ultimate in customer service, which includes keeping our consumers educated with the latest information on the safe production of beef.

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